Types Of Mirror

Wall Mirrors, Glass rooms, Big Mirror Dubai

Whenever you think of Glass Work, the Glass Mirror is the ultimate place that will come to your mind. The vast range of services we offer and the quality of our services will undoubtedly attract you to our glass works. Whether you are looking for a big mirror Dubai or wall mirrors Dubai, we have them all for you.
We offer all kinds of glas swork, from frame less glass partitions to glass walls for buildings.

Glass Partitions

Our glass partition services are for those who wish for shower partitions or any other kind of partition. Partitioning the regions of a room is an elegant choice, and it gets even better when done by the Glass Mirror team. Our design sense can transform any space into nothing less than excellent. So, we bring elegance, functionality, and aesthetics all at the most affordable prices. 

Glass Rooms

Glass Room Dubai are a way to enhance your houses and gardens. These are transparent rooms that give a contemporary look to a place. These rooms can help you make the most of your gardens and homes. Glass Room Dubai are the best way to enjoy the beauty of gardens in any weather and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Our high-quality Glass Room Dubai and innovative design will bring a refreshed look to your place. Also, we always build these rooms based on the clients’ needs.

Table Glass Top

If you have a broken tabletop, contact us soon. We have numerous options for replacing glass tabletops to give your tables a look as fresh as new. Our durable and cost-efficient solutions will undoubtedly win your heart. 

Bi-folding Doors

To suit any place, we offer numerous options in bi-folding glass doors. These doors are widely used for shower partitions. Our expert team can install these doors for you and give a makeover to your place with elegant glass.

In addition to aluminum works, Glass Mirror is also well-known for its glassworks. So, whenever you need a full length mirror Dubai or custom mirrors Dubai, do not resist contacting us and treating yourself with the best.