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One-Stop For All Glass Partitions!

Basically, glass partition in Dubai offers extra benefits over customary walls or barriers. These advantages have become the primary reason people opt for glass partitions wherever possible. Glass partitions are also favored due to their customized shape and size flexibility. The contemporary-looking options are loved and preferred by all due to their versatility. 

One of the best uses of glass partitions is the bathroom glass partition. If you are looking for the same, you are at just the place you need. Glass Mirror is a well-appreciated specialist for bathroom or shower glass partition Dubai


The Glass Mirror team is an expert in these projects and is known for serving the clients with the best. We have the biggest assortment of designs and choices to suit any type and size of the bathroom. These parts are made utilizing Tempered Glass, but we offer a thicker glass option for those searching for an all the more rock-solid arrangement. 

Shower partition types by Glass Mirror

In addition to convenience and comfort, these partitions also give a contemporary look to bathrooms. Glass can enhance the interiors of any place or room. They do not resist showing their magic when installed in bathrooms. We offer three kinds of shower glass partitions. 

  • Shower glass partitions for cabins

This can be done with Fixed shower screens or panels, Sliding shower doors: Single or double sliding doors, Swing shower doors: single or double Swing Doors, and Bi-fold shower doors.

  • Shower glass partitions for walk-ins

This partition is done with a Fixed shower screen or panel, sliding shower doors: Single sliding or double sliding doors, Swing shower doors: Single or double swing doors, Bi-fold shower doors. 

  • Shower partitions for bathtub

The bathtub to any of the above-listed glass doors can be used. The most preferred option here is the sliding glass doors.